Contributing Writers for
Cards Against Humanity

Great news! Cards Against Humanity is looking for new writers. If your cards are solid, you’ll join our pool of remote contributors and make $40/hr writing poop jokes as needed — which is “sometimes.”

To apply, you'll send us your best fifteen white cards and five best black cards.

Submissions are due by August 31st.

We strongly encourage applicants from historically marginalized communities to apply, particularly people of color, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Also looking for hot single dads. 

Good luck. We love you.

Here's how to write cards that don't blow

View these classic card pairings

Black Cards 101

General tips:
  • The “blank” should not come after an adjective or article.
  • The “blank” generally works best after a preposition (for, with, of, to) or a verb (kill, fuck). 
  • The “blank” generally hits hardest toward the end of the sentence, like a punchline. 
Give the black card a voice:
  • Bad: When I was a kid, my Dad always got mad about __________.
  • Better: I work my ass off all day for this family, and this is what I come home to? __________!?
A good black card allows players to subvert an expected tone or logic:
  • Bad: Today, some crazy guy talked about __________ during his job interview.
  • Better: A successful job interview begins with a firm handshake and ends with __________.

White Cards 101

What we’re looking for in a white card:
  • Sharp, punchy cards that show and don’t tell. 
  • Cards that come alive in the black cards—remember, each white card is only half the joke.
  • Cards with a distinct voice, perspective, or syntax.
A good white card plays differently with different black cards, like this amazingly versatile white card.